Sep 1, 2011

Microbiology blogs: a list of 20 great blogs for microbe lovers

Bertalan Meskó (@Berci) has compiled a list of microbiology blogs that you may find useful: Microbiology in the Blogosphere.

Envious, I decided to make my own list of microbiology blogs. After checking my Google Reader, I came up with a collection of 20 great blogs. I know there are many more out there, so please feel free to add a comment and suggest any microbiology blogs that may be missing from my list.

So, here they come, in strict alphabetical order:

1 - Aetiology by Tara C. Smith (@aetiology): "Discussing causes, origins, evolution, and implications of disease and other phenomena."

2 - Bactérioblog [in French] by Benjamin (@bacterioblog):"Le blog des bactéries et de l'évolution".

3 - BacterioFiles by Jesse Noar (@BacterioFiles): "The podcast for microbe lovers: reporting on exciting news about bacteria, archaea, and sometimes even eukaryotic microbes and viruses".

4 - Cornell Mushroom Blog by a collective of faculty, staff and students from Cornell University: "Even in the fullness of their horrific evilness, fungi are cool. That’s what we’re all about here."

5 - Curiosidades de la Microbiología [in Spanish] by Manuel Sánchez (@Manuel_SanchezA) (no relation!): "Este blog está dedicado a la Microbiología pero en general cualquier tema científico de interés tambien puede aparecer".

6 - Life of a Lab Rat ("occasional insights into the life of a lab rat") and Lab Rat ("Exploring the life and times of bacteria") by S. E. Gould (@labratting).

7 - Memoirs of a Defective Brain by The Defective Brain: "Science as told by malfunctioning neurones. A blog of Life, labs and bacteria."

8 - Microbichitos [in Spanish] by Miguel Vicente: "Los microbios no los vemos, pero sus efectos, para bien o para mal nos afectan a diario." Previously, Miguel used to blog at Esos pequeños bichitos.

9 - MicrobiologyBytes by Alan Cann (@MicroBytes): "The latest news about microbiology".

10 - MIKROB(io)LOG [in Slovenian] by Franc Nekrep (@fvnek): "srečevali se bomo mikrobiologi: študenti, učitelji, kolegi iz stroke pa seveda VSI LJUDJE DOBRE VOLJE..."

11 - MycoRant by Philip McIntosh (@MycoRant): "Philip has been writing, researching, publishing and doing other things in the realm of fungi since 1993".

12 - Mystery Rays from Outer Space by Ian York (@iayork): "This blog is intended to be a place for commentary on immunology, virology, and random other stuff that catches my eye."

13 - Skeptic Wonder ("protists, memes and random musings") and The Ocelloid ("Through the eye of a microbe") by Psi Wavefunction (@PsiWavefunction).

14 - Small Things Considered by Elio Schaechter, Merry Youle and collaborators: "The purpose of this blog is to share my appreciation for the width and depth of the microbial activities on this planet".

15 - The Artful Amoeba by Jennifer Frazer (@JenniferFrazer): "a blog about the weird wonderfulness of life on Earth". Older posts can be found here.

16 - The Febrile Muse by CMDoran (@TheFebrileMuse): "Portrayal of Infectious Diseases in Literature and the Arts".

17 - The Gene Gym by Jim Caryl (@mentalindigest): "Bad bugs, drugs and antibiotic resistance, all in a day's work at The Gene Gym, brought to you from the gym floor by a researcher (fitness instructor) in bacterial evolution".

18 - The Tree of Life by Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics), "evolutionary biologist, microbiologist and genomics researcher, Open Access and Open Science advocate".

19 - ViroBlogy by Ed Rybicki (@edrybicki): "Up-to-date Virology-related posts, mainly for students at the University of Cape Town".

20 - Virology blog by Vincent Racaniello (@profvrr): "about viruses and viral disease".

Note: I don't speak French or Slovenian, but that's what Google Translate is for, isn't it?

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