Hello, my name is César Sánchez, and I'm the author of this blog.

Twisted Bacteria was born in May 2007 with a focus on actinomycetes, a group of microbes that produce many compounds of pharmaceutical interest (such as antibiotics and anticancer drugs). This was my research topic for a long time and seemed the logical start point for my blog.

But Twisted Bacteria and I are living beings and, naturally, have evolved. At present I am not a researcher, and my main interest is science communication. You can read more about me at my LinkedIn page.

I greatly enjoy exploring the possibilities of the internet and -in particular- social media for the communication of science. Note that I use the term "science communication" very broadly to include writing, editing, publishing, education, broadcasting... that is, any activity of passing scientific information to any audience (e.g. this can be laypeople, scientists or anybody else) for any purpose (news, education, entertaining, research...).

That is why most of the latest entries in my blog go well beyond actinomycetes, and twist around the microbial universe and the popularization of science.

About the blog's name, please read my first post.

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