Aug 14, 2007

Make Love (and Proteins), Not War

"Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level" is an educational film directed in 1971 by Robert Alan Weiss. It seems that the movie has been viewed by generations of science students in the United States. Now, thanks to the internet, we all can enjoy. The film starts with a three-minute introduction by Professor Paul Berg (who later shared half of the 1980 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with the team of Walter Gilbert and Frederick Sanger). The screen then fills with a bunch of people dancing, singing and having fun... and making proteins. Ribosomal subunits, initiation or elongation factors, messenger or transfer RNAs, are impersonated by dancers in colored costumes.

Music sound track: "Protein Jive Sutra".

Yes, this is a true "molecular happening"!

The video is available for download from the web of Kenyon College (MP4 format, 38 MB, a lengthy download).

Or watch the video again at YouTube.

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