Jun 14, 2007

Congratulations! It's a Scintilla!

The guys at Nature Publishing Group are trying hard to build "the definitive" Web 2.0 for scientists: Connotea (online reference management service), Nature Network (online meeting place for scientists), and now Scintilla.

Scintilla is an aggregator of science weblogs, news stories and publication databases, with two remarkable features. First, sources are manually selected to be related only to science. And second, you can rate and recommend stories to other people (which can be organized in groups according to their interests, for instance microbiology). Some comments are available on Nascent, bbgm and MicrobiologyBytes.

(Twisted note no. 1) Nature Network (network.nature.com) is not the same as Nature Network (www.naturenetwork.net [live imagery and sound from cameras set up in Nature throughout the world]), which is also different to Nature Network (www.naturenetwork.org [platform to help developing countries for economic development and environmental protection]).

(Twisted note no. 2) Please don't confuse Scintilla (scintilla.nature.com) with Scintilla (www.scintilla.com [jewelry]), or even with Scintilla (www.scintilla.org [free source code editing component]). OK?

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