Jul 7, 2007

Feeds and clouds

I'm playing around with some widgets here. I have added a couple of new feeds from Connotea to the side bar: my own bookmarks, and Connotea bookmarks tagged with "microbiology" (social bookmarks). Perhaps you find something that suits your taste.

Besides, my previous tag cloud (from Technorati, see below, left image) was not very satisfactory: by clicking on a tag you were directed to a Technorati page that didn't always show the expected result (consisting of all my posts tagged with the said label). So I'm using now a tag cloud for Blogger (below, right): if you click on a tag, it will show you directly the expected posts. Font sizes and colors are customizable. Thanks to phydeaux3!

[These are just plain images. The real ("clickable") feeds and the tag cloud are located on the sidebar]

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