Jul 8, 2007

Can you write?

Well, at least many scientists need some writing classes (yes, I'm first on the list!). If you're interested in this topic, I recommend Time for a change - Linda Cooper's blog at Nature Network. In her own words:

"In this blog I suggest that there's a better way to write a scientific article. Currently, published articles are unnecessarily difficult to read and researchers need to be trained in how to write about their research so that others can understand (...)"

Additionally, from her article Reinventing the science paper - How impenetrable writing harms science, at LabLit:

"Researchers need to be trained to write naturally and persuasively – that is, clearly, completely, and without making assumptions about what readers know about a topic"

I wish I had such a training... but it's never too late to learn.

(Image source: Wikipedia)

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