Jan 26, 2010

Great microbiologists - a brickfilm

A long time ago I added a video bar on the side of my blog (only on main page), under the following title: "Microbial" videos (live search). The thing uses some microbial-related terms to automatically retrieve videos from YouTube, Google Videos and the like. This way I found a very nice "brickfilm" that is displayed below. The brickfilm (a stop-motion animation using LEGO or other brick-like elements) is called Great microbiologists and takes a funny look at microbiology and its early history. It was made in 2006 to commemorate the graduation of two students from the Microbiology department at Colorado State University. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

Notes and related links:

- About the video bar: "Microbial" videos (live search)
The video bar is only visible on the main page of my blog, not on individual posts. It uses a Google AJAX Search API (whatever this may be) that can be found at Video Bar Wizard. You can use this "wizard" to add a similar video bar to your blog and display either a live search (as I did) or a set of selected channels. Of course, the automated search may retrieve both relevant and totally irrelevant videos, depending on your choice of search terms.

- About the brickfilm "Great microbiologists"

Watch the video at YouTube
Read more information and download the film at Brickfilms.com

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