Sep 4, 2007

International Microbiology

If you are a researcher in the microbiology field, you might consider to submit a manuscript to International Microbiology, a peer-reviewed journal edited by the Spanish Society for Microbiology (Sociedad Española de Microbiología, SEM). International Microbiology publishes original research papers, short communications, critical reviews and opinion letters dealing with all fields of microbiology, and it addresses the international scientific community. As a member of SEM, I was glad to learn that the 2006 impact factor for International Microbiology was 2.455, according to Journal Citation Reports (JCR, Thomson-Institute for Scientific Information). It is quite a good score for a microbiology journal after only two years of JCR tracking (its first score was 1.866, for 2005).

Source: Mercedes Berlanga, Associate Editor, International Microbiology. Via NoticiaSEM No. 5, Sept. 2007 (monthly electronic bulletin of the Spanish Society for Microbiology).

Note added on Sept. 6.- I forgot to mention that International Microbiology has an open access policy: articles can be downloaded free of charge (see Open Access. A turning point in scientific publication, Int. Microbiol. 7:157-161, Sept. 2004 issue).

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