Aug 30, 2007

Beauty inside a cell

You must see this paper at PLoS ONE, describing the application of a new electron microscopy technique (electron cryotomography) to reconstruct the 3D inner structure of a simple photosynthetic eukaryote, Ostreococcus tauri.

Watch the video (*). See the figures. You can even read the paper (open access).

When science is good, it's great. But when science is good and beautiful, it's wonderful!

Henderson GP, Gan L, Jensen GJ (2007)
3-D Ultrastructure of O. tauri: Electron Cryotomography of an Entire Eukaryotic Cell.
PLoS ONE 2(8): e749. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000749

(*) Alternatively, you can watch the video at YouTube.

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